about this blog

SHE plays with hair(cosmetologist) HE plays music (dj)
We've always had that whirlwind, "take your breath away" kind of love. I guess when an artsy hippie girl meets a romantic musician its only natural for them to fall head over heels and fly off to a deserted island to get married one month after meeting. It was love at first sight in our case, and it's been a fairytale romance ever since (minus a few little bumps at first ;). 
A few months later we found out we were expecting a baby, and in January of 2010 we welcomed our baby girl Marley into our world. She has brought even more perfect to our already perfect lives.
Now after a year and half of having a blast as the three amigos, we're waiting patiently for God to make us a family of four!
This blog was started in order to fill my time during sleepless nights when there were no more sheep to count. It has become a hobby of mine and such a perfect outlet where i am able to write down my thoughts, interests and dreams...
-A night owl's daydreams
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