Tuesday, October 23, 2012


My parents gave us part of their weeks stay at a cute little cabin in Julian and it could not have a been a more welcomed little get away. We have been in the process of looking for a house to buy these last few weeks and we even put in our first offer on a house, only to hear another buyer beat us to the punch. This process has been kind of crazy. The gypsy side of me is terrified to buy a home because I am unsure about the idea of being tied to somewhere but the logical side of me knows that this is the best decision for this time in our lives and I really am excited to have a little place of our own (hopefully a cute older home on some land that we can fix up over the years). This trip to Julian really solidified our desire for some space around us. We have been to Julian a lot of times but this trip we really got to explore  and we could not believe how gorgeous this place was! We fished, hiked, relaxed, ate apple pie and comfort food, picked apples at the local apple orchard and walked around the cute little town.  We had such a blast, although im fairly certain that I could go anywhere with these two and have the time of my life. 
holding both of my babies

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