Saturday, September 8, 2012

Catch up.

I've been in this crazy contemplative mood the last few days. I feel like I am back at church camp in high school having one of those weeks where I see the world a little clearer and I feel God a whole lot stronger. I've been brought to my knees in awe of His creation at so many times this week, overwhelmed with how much I have been blessed by Him. I cry...kind of a lot... mostly happy tears and sometimes sad ones. I feel moved... by everything! I've been convicted by the lack of love I have shown to my friends and "enemy's" alike and I've been inspired to live a more giving and selfless life.  We've found a church we like and have been starting to go regularly again and I'm reminded during worship and throughout the message what it feels like to really see and feel the Spirit move. I've been feeling God stretch me and call me to more and I am so stinkin excited every time I FEEL or HEAR him. I miss serving, I miss worship, I miss my Bible, I miss hanging out with God,  I miss his voice,  I miss Africa and I miss doing what really matters. Im not talking about cleaning my house and making dinner (although I can still do those things unto the Lord) but Im talking about stepping out of my comfort zone, getting a little crazy and taking real action for God's kingdom. It's so easy to make Bryan and Marley my number one focus, and when I love... I love with everything I have and more. I want to spend all my time, affection and attention on them and sometimes I forget about the Creator of it all. He doesn't want an occasional visit to my house, he wants to come into the house and rearrange my furniture and stay awhile. He doesn't want to "fit into my life",  he wants to "be my life". He wants us to stop just "praying about it" and start actually doing it. I know I'm not sinning by loving the family he's given me, but I just want to widen my priorities, stretch myself out of my comfort zone and live a little less for myself and more for others. 

 This August has been another crazy month with weddings and work and lots of fun vacations to Lake Arrowhead, Camping at Doheney Beach, a trip to Disneyland for a few days and all of the fun times with friends and family woven in wherever we could fit it. Here is a video of our August: 

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