Saturday, July 21, 2012

Catching up

 I have been slacking on blogging! I will try to summarize these last few months! Here is a video of our June: 
 July has been such an insane month.
For the Fourth of July we went to Lake Arrowhead with my family and friends to camp for a night and watch the fireworks at my sister in laws parents house on the Lake. It was such a blast, definitely one of my favorite fourth of July's!
We had a lot of birthdays in the month of July! We had a beach party for my brother at Mission Bay and my sister in law and I threw a party for my mom and my husband at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. 
For my mom's birthday we went paddle boarding at the Carlsbad Lagoon and then out to dinner at Lucille's BBQ. 
For Bryan's birthday we headed to Vegas for a few days. We went to this Pawn Store from the TV show Pawn Stars, walked around and shopped, ate a ton of delicious food and slept.. a lot. 
We also took Marley on her first train ride down the coast from Carlsbad to Old Town San Diego after touring an Old Ranch built in the 1800's. It was such a fun day. My mom came and we met up with my brother Ian and my sister in law Richelle. I also threw a Bridal Party with my mom for my best friend Kayla.  I tried my hand at flower arrangements and It was a blast! I am so excited for my friend to get married in one month!! 
Marley took two weeks of swim class this month also and she has improved so much! Im proud of her. 
There was a lot more excitement all woven in but I summarized the majority of it! 
Here is also a video of our trip to Mammoth we took last month! 

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