Tuesday, June 5, 2012

friends, beach and Disneyland

Most people have a normal work schedule and kind of settle into a built-in routine but because we have our own businesses our schedules don't really contain built-in breaks so we have to make our own, or we’ll slip into the trap of working all the time. Bryan is such a hard worker (one of my favorite qualities of his) but if I didn't stop him every once and a while to take a breath and relax, I honestly don't think he would! So we are a little more proactive about planning fun time so that we don't get burnt out and to ensure that we keep a happy and positive outlook on life. This weekend has been one of those fun ones. Saturday I headed down to our friend Trevor's surprise party and Bryan met me there after his job. It was such a great group of friends and we came home with sore stomaches and jaws from laughing soo hard. Sunday we relaxed the first part of the day and then we headed down to Moonlight beach with my parents after Bryan's meetings to play on the sand and eat dinner. If you have never eaten at UNION kitchen and tap... do it. The ambience is perfect and the food was delish!! We stopped off at our friend Erick's house to hang out with him and Kayla for a while and then took our sleepy little baby home. Monday was some kind of crazy day at Disneyland and we didn't know it until we were there and lost in a sea of sooo many people! It was nice to have my mom with us for a change and we made the best of the crowds. Tom Sawyer's island is never packed and it ended up being Marley's favorite part of Disneyland! 

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Rachel said...

I'm so glad I found your blog!You have the cutest little family ever!

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