Friday, May 11, 2012

sunkissed skin and baby soups

These pictures that I take, each one has its own separate story that stays tightly bound to it, and it will replay in my head when I look long enough to go back to that time and place. It helps me remember exactly what was unfolding right before the shutter closed. I remember the reason I thought to take the photo. When i take a picture I'm almost always doing it to try and remember something, embedding my emotions into a photo and knowing I will get to always visit the experience for as long as I have the image. 

When I look at the pictures above I remember a perfect day. We sprawled out in our "baby soups" (bathing suits) after chasing each other with the hose, huddled close on our towels letting the sun dry our skin. I remember the little water droplets falling off your pretty little lashes while talked. We squeezed our own lemons and you pushed all the buttons on the blender to crush up the strawberries for what was to be our very first pitcher of homemade lemonade. I remember sitting on the floor later that night, sneaking bites of ice cream straight from the container and giggling about our brain freezes and exploding mouths. I love our little moments together and the conversations we have and the way we play. Sometimes I don't care about that rule that says "If i'm your mother i cant be your friend", because you're my BEST friend and sometimes I wish I didn't have to be your mom. I wish I never had to punish you and that I could just enjoy all the 
amazing sides of you without all the hard complicated stuff.

I wish you could remember these days when you had so much fun right in our own backyard, when it first turned warm and sunny and when the air smelled like fresh cut grass. I wish you could remember that you splashed around in chilly hose water and slid down our little cheap slip and slide for hours. I wish you could remember Bryan and I sitting and watching here with big smiles. I cant wait for you to look through these photos someday and catch a glimpse of the emotions I felt on the other end of the camera. 

This little yard will always hold big memories for me.

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Jules said...

precious.... you're gonna love lookin back at these one day. :-) so glad you share it with us too

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