Friday, May 4, 2012

sunshine and rain

 The weather has been bipolar again. 
 We've spent the warm days outside or at the beach. I brought out a plastic tub we had laying around and filled it with water and toys and Marley has spent every second she can in it!
The cold days have been scattered with crafts, friends and lounging around in our pajamas all day.
Bryan and I have decided to cut out all refined sugars, carbonated drinks, breads and processed foods. Although it was hard at the start, we have absolutely loved the results! We've also been exercising almost every day and our bodies feel so energized and clean!  I've really been having fun cooking with all organic foods and challenging myself to use healthy substitutes in my cooking.  Healthy food can actually taste amazing! Here's to a long and healthy life!!
Mango Chicken, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Salad and Apples with Cinnamon.
Mashed Cauliflower and a Turkey burger made with egg whites, onion, a sprinkle of mozerella and mushrooms. Cauliflower mash garnished with Zucchini
Baked Apple filled with homemade apple sauce and oats. I made cookies with the leftovers!
yum. these delicious artichokes from my parents house were eaten for dinner!
We also made the switch to all bpa free products. Lifefactory has awesome all glass bottles that have worked great! Nike training App is an amaaaazzzing way to work out as a mom. I dont have time to go to the gym, but i do have time during marley's nap to have my own personal trainer walk me through my exercises! 

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