Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 Year Anniversary: A letter to the love of my life

Today my husband and I are San Francisco bound to celebrate three years of marriage! Happy Anniversary to the man of my dreams. 
     These three years have both flown by and stood still. I feel like It was just yesterday we were listening to music and talking on your sailboat and I still feel that same thrill when you hold my hand or lean over to kiss me. I am still captivated by your heart and the flip of your hair, except my love for you has grown exceedingly more since then. I remember a three hour conversation on the beach that first week we met when you said you want a marriage that is so tied together with love and bound by God that you won't be able to find where your wife ends and where you begin. How is it possible that I feel like we have already accomplished this in three short years? It seems like we have been married for a lifetime because we have grown and changed so much together and I can't remember my life without you. I cant remember the person I was before you and I am so thankful that I never have to again. 
     I have watched you become a man, husband and an amazing father all at the same time and you have amazed me. We have been through things some couples have never had to go through and I would do it a million times over again and every single time I would choose to run away with you... again and again and again. We learned lessons in those first few months that will help us exponentially in our journey through forever together. We learned to fight for each other and defend the love we have. We learned to love even the ugliest sides of each other. We learned that God always provides. We learned how to communicate amazingly and talk our way through some tough things. We learned how to always put each other and our little family first over anything else. We have learned that hardship builds strength and unity and that God always brings something good from it (and in our case he brought soooooo much good!!). You have shown me an entirely different side of God and his provision and love for us. You have shown me an entirely different side of love and its perseverance, kindness and patience.
     We've done so much in these three years. We've gone from living on your sailboat, to the extended stay, to that one bedroom [gas leak] apartment, to our little 3 bedroom town home, to this 5 bedroom house. We've traveled up the coast a few times to Santa Barbara and a few other coastal cites and now to San Francisco. We've been to Arizona, Nevada, to the mountains and the desert and every beach in California. Where you go, I will go and I'd follow you to a cardboard house or to a yert in the middle of nowhere. We've gotten three dogs, a bunny, a turtle and a fish. We've experienced the greatest joy in the world through having our baby girl together and have watched her grow more like each of us every day. We're in this together and I could not have dreamed a better person to travel through life with. You are my best friend, the love of my life and my partner in crime. You are my rock, my soft place to land, my shoulder to cry on and my most happy place. Thank you for everything you have given me and for loving me like you do. Happy Anniversary Bryan Thrane, I love you more than I could ever express. 

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