Wednesday, March 7, 2012

potty training!

We are making headway with Marley girl and her potty training! She now goes without a diaper all day unless we go on big driving trips or when she's sleeping. Best part? No accidents! Im always interested in seeing what worked for other moms, so I thought I'd share whats been working for us! These organic lollipops (we call them "potty pops")  and gummy bears made by Yummy Earth are seriously amazing. After trying a few different ways to potty train we found that a lot of praise and reward after each trip to the potty works best, and we can feel at ease about giving her these treats as often as she goes!
Half way through our potty training experience we came to a little road block. Whatever the reason was, she DID NOT want to even touch her potty without a lot of tears and screaming. So my mom came up with the idea of associating the potty with good things. So we let her watch her favorite shows on the iPad only if she was sitting on her potty, we gave her treats and praise, read to her, sang with her and colored with her. She soon learned that she got our undivided attention, her favorite shows, and yummy snacks and treats if she sat on her potty. Bingo. The next thing we decided to do (many soiled pants and laundry loads later) was to keep her on the hard wood floors and let her run around the house and the back yard naked all day. We kept the potty in whatever room we were in so that she didn't have to run far when the sudden urge came. 

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