Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Plateau

Through catching up with old friends recently, I've realized a theme in almost all of our conversations. Everyone says in one form or another, "My life has turned out so much differently than I thought it would" or "I never expected that I would ever be here at ___ age." 

Isn't that the truth? Life is never exactly what we expect it to be. We convince ourselves that if we could only get through this thing, or get over that thing, or take hold of the goal just beyond our reach, that somehow life would be incredibly better. We are hardwired to be "achievers", but sometimes when we make the wrong things our goal, we end up spending our lives chasing something that doesn't give us one ounce of meaning and fulfillment. I'm a recovering "fixer". I'm getting better, but my nature is to always look for ways that I can better myself or somehow fix the problems of those I love. Only through getting married, having Marley have I realized that this "fix it" mentality has been stopping me from enjoying so many things that truly matter in life. Thinking about having all these amazing moments pass me by is terrifying to me now (hence the overboard, obsessive picture taking). Thank God for this blog and all of the ways that have made it possible for me to never forget the ups and downs of right now... all my "today's".

Today was one of those normal days worth not forgetting. We went to the Santa Rosa Plateau to have a picnic, play hide and seek in the trees, and to spend some amazing time just talking and laughing at our comedian of a daughter.It’s in these simple days that I realize the wisdom of slowing down, breathing and being present. Suddenly I realize how silly it is to always be in a hurry. We may think we’re moving quicker, and getting more things done. But in doing so miss so much of the things that truly matter. Open space really does give birth to form and ohhh mannn... how it frees the mind!


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