Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January 2012 Photo A Day Challenge:

 I did the January Photo A Day Challenge on Instagram last month! I started a few days late but here is a recap of what mine looked like: follow @amberthrane
3.Something you adore
4. Letterbox
5. Something you wore
6. Makes you smile (clients all day)
7.Favorite (necklace)
8.Your sky
9.Daily Routine (breakfast with my family)
10.Childhood (my kitty shadow)
11.Where you sleep
  12.Close up (our love!)
13. In your bag (keys, wallet, diapers, makeup, sunglasses)
14. Something you're reading
15.Happiness (the day our love took human form and we held our baby girl for the first time)
16. Morning (going to grammy's)
17. Water
18. Something you bought
19. Sweet (from freebirds world burrito place... not really a pot brownie)
20. Someone you love (took a nap in a field with the man i love)
21. Reflection
22. Your shoes
23. Something old (my grandmas old phone)
24. Guilty pleasure
25. Something you made, 26. Color, 27. Lunch,  28. Light
29. Inside your fridge 
30. Nature (pretty much the greenest thing in my yard right now)
 31. You again (youre welcome for that)

1 comment:

Fleur De Moi said...

This is such a fun, cute project.

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