Thursday, February 23, 2012


We spent a beautiful sunny Tuesday at Disneyland this week. Its been so nice to have a pass this year because each time we go we can stay as little or as long as we want without feeling stressed to get our money's worth (a must with kids!). We got Marley her own engraved hat and she met a few more characters this time which is her favorite part of Disneyland. She spends sooo long with each character soaking up every minute of their kisses and hugs and Ooohs and ahhs. She said "ohhhh tootles" to when she said goodbye to them and I swear I heard a few laughs under those costumes of their's. We spent a little more time in California Adventure this time doing "Turtle talk with Crush" and going on some of the rides we've never done before. Marley didn't have a nap and after all day at Disneyland, dinner at Rainforest Cafe, dancing to the live music in downtown Disney (Marley insists on stopping and dancing)... my little energy bunny lasted the entire way home and until 10:30 at night before she started getting a little sleepy. Its impossible to tire this girl out!  

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