Saturday, January 14, 2012

with everything you have

Its crazy how much of life is just a cycle. It seems like the whole world spins around us and as our circumstances and our relationships change, the problems we face and the lessons we learn morph along with it all... and before you know it we're relearning the same thing we thought we learned years ago. This week Ive been reverting back to preschool and learning the basics of love. Ive been reading this short little book called "Being A Girl Who Loves" and somehow I'm seeing all of these elementary concepts in a brand new light! Romans 12:10 says, "Be devoted to one another in love; give preference to one another in honor." Giving preference to one another means that it gives its best-even when the other person isn't giving theirs. It means accepting people as they are and not trying to change them. It means giving them grace even when they don't deserve it. It means giving people your seat at the table even when there isn't one reserved for them... it means we love them with everything that we've got. 
Ive always been the type of person who only has a few really close friends because i devote everything i have to those relationships. My friendships are based on complete honesty... my friends know every secret I have ever had, they know every struggle I have ever faced in my life, they know my deepest thoughts and they love me despite it all and vice versa. Having those true and pure relationships matter more to me than anything, but God has called me to be open and loving even to complete strangers. He calls me to dedicate myself to those who lie to me, to those who dont have my best in mind... he calls me to love even those who have hurt me... and I'm reallllyyy terrible at that. Im alright with being sweet and civil... but to love them with everything I have? Hard. David from the Bible is the perfect example of loving the unlovable. This King Saul basically made it his life mission to kill David and yet David repeatedly forgave him, refused to seek revenge on him, and actually mourned Saul's death when he took his own life in battle!
I want to start practicing this mindset:
Its a privilege to love and be loved. Love is a gift, whether its given or received and gifts are always received in light of the attitude of the one giving it. Don't give begrudgingly, give out of a pure heart. Pray for those who hurt you, and love with everything you have.

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Kayla Alonso said...

I love the way that your mind works Amber! You are such a beautiful writer and inspiration to me..

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