Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To my Two Year Old:

Marley Grace


        I can not believe that its been two years since I first held you in my arms... and my world has never been the same! I love your imagination and the way that you can turn a lamp into a kite or the arm of the couch into a horse. i love all the silly things you do just to make people laugh. I love that you play in the dirt with your "princess" dress up clothes on. i love how opinionated you are. I love when you break into dance in public places. I love that you always try to catch the moon. I love that even at such a young age you're so compassionate and loving. I love when you make up your own songs. I love when you stop everything you're doing just to run and give me a hug or a kiss. i love that you hug my legs when we're in a place you're not familiar with. i love your giggle and I even love your cry. i love everything about you. 
You have made every part of my life better. You've opened my heart up to so much love. You've reminded me of whats truly important in life. You are so beautiful and so perfect baby girl, mommy loves you!

Happy 2nd Birthday!


Mushrooms from Toadstools said...

So does your Auntie!!!!

Fleur De Moi said...

Such a sweet post.
Also, your daughter has better style at 2 then I do at 26!

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