Monday, January 30, 2012


When I used to hear stories about kids who would destroy the house I would think it was the product of a distracted or lazy mom. I know now... thats totally the case!! Haha! Every time I'm distracted (whether it be cleaning or on my phone for even two seconds) I can almost always bet that Ill find Marley doing something crazy. Here are just a few things I was able to catch on camera this week. 
These drab ugly blinds could use a little sprucing up... 
Half a bottle of syrup dumped out on the counter? Cleaning this one was definitely a challenge and I still find this stuff all over my house.
"Mom, everyone's doing it" My darling daughter decided to give herself tattoo's all over her body... even on the bottoms of her feet
She's still not over this "toilet paper art" phase. Between her and our new puppy that tears this stuff to shreds... I have my hands full!
Sometimes our kids arent trying to be defiant their curiosity just gets the best of them!  So here's to our crazy kiddos and all of the...excitement they bring to our lives :)

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