Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tiny Tots Dance Class

We've learned so much about Marley's personality and her learning style through taking her to dance class! I've been a little careful in these early developmental years to surround Marley with semi controlled environments in order to instill self confidence, obedience, creativity and strong values in her. My hope isn't to control my daughter, in fact I do it now so that I'm able to give her more freedom in the long run. I'm always a little nervous to send her into a room full of children because she's such a sponge! Any work to develop good habits can be demolished the very first time a kid bites, hit or kicks her without getting a little discipline by their parents to show her its wrong. Then we have to kick the habit of biting for weeks on end!! Her tiny tots class has been the perfect way for her to develop relationships with other kids while having fun! We've learned she's a thinker like her momma.. she watches a few times in order to make sure that she can do it right the first time. She has her daddy's way of putting her own little funny spin on everything. For how fearless she is I was actually really surprised how shy she was the first few classes. But through repeated positive interactions she's now chosen a few cute little friends that she gravitates toward every class. I love the way her little brain works  and she's been doing soo good! The teacher stopped me after to tell me what an amazing learner she is. :)

Here is a piece of an article I read on the positive impact that creative play activities like dance class can have on your child from Brainy-child.com
  • Social skills: Regular creative plays will help your child learn the noble characters of empathy, compassion and the capacity for exhibiting intimacy. Emotional intelligence is another factor that is also developed through creative play. Social skills and acumen are learned in the process of creative play.
  • Personal strengths: The innate ability of your child to take on responsibility and challenges, find rue meaning in life, and later discover our personal peace and achievement needs a fair amount of creative play. Creative play also develops adaptability and flexibility in your child's outlook, which are necessary to positive and encouraging behavior.
  • Learning process: Playful discovery and adventure is the recognized pathways to creative learning. Creative play helps your child in problem solving and adaptive characters by encouraging imagination and vision. Play can help arouse curiosity, which ultimately leads to the development of creativity.
  • Connection and affinity: Creative play enhances openness and affection towards others. It also becomes very easy for your child to set and create connections with other people especially, fellow children in the school.
  • Joy and happiness: Creative play is sheer fun and thrilling! It is also a moment to cherish all the goodness of life. Play is special state of being happy and contended.
  • Involvement: Creative playtime helps your child develop focus, concentration and dedication which are all mandatory for your child's future success.
  • Clarity: Creative play enhances clarity in thinking, a lucid mind, and an ability to understand the true meaning of life.
  • Timeliness: Creative play develops proper understanding of time and it also makes your child learn timeliness and discipline.
  • Confidence: Creative play is a time to develop confidence and courage. It will also cajole your child to achieve difficult tasks. With creative play, your child may never get bored.

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Eat Pray Love said...

So adorable! I'm happy she is enjoying it :)

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