Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Family days

Sunday was my not so little nephew's 4th Birthday party! It was a fun time with Bryan's family, the pirate theme was adorable.. and the cake was to die for! Happy Birthday Hunter!

The responses on Instagram after people saw this picture of Marley in the car with this little boy Cole?
@ rcote-Where did she meet this boy? Do we approve??
@ dmfages-A little young to be riding in cars with boys...
@ rcote-I agree with Dane ..... Haha
@ totherhythm-You know where he lives?
@ totherhythm- Eyes on the road kid. My niece is in the car. If she as much as breaks a nail I'm coming for you. 
@ ianscote-Seriously luckily that thing doesn't have a back seat
Haha this girl doesnt stand a chance!!! I kind of love it. 

 Monday I spent the day with my mom while Bryan spent the day with my dad! Its been so long since my mom and I have spent time together just us! We went to lunch and got massages... AHHHH my massage... I got a deep tissue massage which feels sooo good and so bad all at the same time. I guess my back's prettyyy messed up which I kind of figured. We went back to my moms house and to have dinner with the boys and my sister in law and brother and a good friend i havent seen in a while. Love family days!

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