Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stay determined

My fellow creative minds know that we have this constant overwhelming desire to CREATE. If youre like me and love to take a stab at anything and everything thats inspiring and creative, you know that a lot of times it doesnt turn out quite exactly how you saw it your mind. I consider myself somewhat of a mix between a perfectionist and a connoisseur of beauty and quality creative work. While I love to read blogs to look at people's lives or to hear about the latest cool product or trend,  I mostly love blogs for the insight into people's creative minds. I love the amount of time, patience, detail and energy thats put into something fantastic. While its so amazing that Im able to turn on my computer and visit a museum of creative and artistic individuals, it also means that my standard of normalcy is higher. Filling our minds with amazing ideas through Pinterest, or whatever medium you choose can be both incredibly inspiring and incredibly discouraging!  This video helped remind me that although i wish I was the kind of person who created perfect work the first try, it doesnt usually work like that!  It takes a lot of determination and patience to be truly amazing at something. 
"excellence at a complex task requires a minimum level of practice, and experts have settled on 10,000 hours as the magic number for true expertise. This is true even of people 
we think of as prodigies, such as Mozart.”-Malcom Gladwell

Thank you Charlotte for showing me this video, maybe in my 40's Ill be really good at something!! 

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