Wednesday, January 18, 2012

At last!!!

Yesterday I sent Marley to my moms and Bryan was gone all day so I spent the entire day cleaning and it was heavenly!! There is nothing like reorganizing all of your drawers, washing your carpets, cleaning out cupboards, moving furniture around, wiping away nasty grime and creating perfectly straight lines on your carpet with the vacuum! Ive had insomnia for about a week and I read in a health magazine that if you've tried everything to make you sleep... sometimes having a perfectly organized, clean house will send you nodding off in a flash. Well... last night i fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and didnt even wake up once in the night. Hallelujah!!! I added a few touches to Marley's playroom and a few fun things around the house.
 This morning I woke up to notes all over the house from my husband written on a hello kitty notepad of course... haha, love him! Perfect start to my day. I met my sister in law and my niece Zoe and my friends Kayla and Raymie and her little boy Lennon at Panera for lunch. I loved getting  to hang out with all of them in one place! After lunch we went to an Antique Shop and pretty much spent the entire day in there! I scored some pretty sweet old piano keys and had a blast looking around.

Tonight we went to our first "young marrieds" group at our church. It was so amazing!! As always Bryan and I were so amazed at how God always seems to show us exactly what we need every time we step foot in a church these days!  Although I consider our marriage to be so amazing, I love learning new things and finding new fun things discuss and talk about. Marriage is one of the most important, influential ways that God uses his people to minister his love to the world and we're excited about whatever that process means!! 

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