Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Green Family

I was hired at little coffee shop called Farmhouse Coffee Co. by the Green family when I was 14 years old. I saw this place through a total of 5 years. I helped paint the walls, I helped decorate, I saw its growths and falls and rebirths... It was a constant during my emotional high school years. Don and Leanne were always there to welcome me with open arms and ready ears. They forgave the times I was late, they provided extra work at their house if I needed the money, and they taught me so much about business, life, and God. Now they're more than just my first bosses, they're like a family to me. Their daughter is my sisters best friend and they've been my parents neighbors and good friends for years now.  
 Today they're moving to Milawi, Africa to serve the Lord in the Miglat Ministries and although we are all so proud of them for pursuing this calling, we are all so sad to see this family go. Everyone who knows the Greens can agree that they're are the epitome of Christ's love. You can bet that even when they have nothing left to give, they will still be found giving. When they caught wind that I needed a dresser they laid their clothes in piles in order to give me theirs, the rocking chair Leanne used to rock her babies to sleep, when my dad wanted an old work truck, they gave him theirs... i could go on forever. 
On Friday night my little sister had a little going away party for the Greens daughter Annie. A group of ladies came to my  parents house to kidnap Leanne and take her to the old Farmhouse (now called Fallbrook Coffee Co.) where all her Bible study friends were waiting to say their goodbye's and pray for this amazing family. 

My husband and I on several occasions have looked to this family as a model for how we want to live our lives. We laugh when we jokingly ask each other w.w.d.a.l.d (what would don and leanne do?) Thank you for all the memories over the years, and we wish you guys all the best! 

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