Sunday, January 8, 2012

Good friends and a good God.

Last night we went out to Front Street Bar and Grill to celebrate my friend Tricia's birthday. We had such a blast talking and eating while listening to live music. Everyone came over to our house after and played Just Dance and watched a movie. Today we dragged our lazy butts out of bed and went to church and were blown away by God. He always laps miles around our tiny little centimeters. Its so nice to unbury tiny nuggets of gold when you've been holding on to fools gold for so long. 
I am so thankful for the place he has brought us right now in our lives. We are surrounded by such amazing family and friends that share our same hearts, our marriage is a dream and our daughter is so perfect in every way.  We're starting to go to a young families group at our church with our friends Dane and Tricia and Im so excited to grow and learn and refocus our lives with them.

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