Monday, January 2, 2012

According to Instagram...

I went over to my parents house the other night for a delicious rib dinner made by my sister in law. My dad showed me the giant 4 foot playhouse he's making Marley for her birthday and i was in shock. He is the sweetest man on the face of the planet. The handmade presents that take time and labor are always just so overwhelmingly thoughtful to me. My friend Kayla came over too and gave me tons of goodies from Starbucks and Anthropology, Marley got her own hot and cold Starbucks cups too!

The next night we dropped our daughter off at our friends Dane and Tricias and they gave us tickets to the movies for a date night! My friend Mackenzie had dropped off an anthropology gift and such a sweet note of encouragement. We saw "We bought a zoo" and it was adorable.... cheezy at parts... but soo cute. Thats pretty much my lifelong goal :) I would LOVE a zoo, and I really wanted to steal the little girl actress, soooo adorable! Throughout this whole process of mourning and trying to figure out every day life again, I have been soo overwhelmed at those who have offered their support and encouragement to our family through gifts, meals , or encouraging words.

 Last night we treated our good friends Tricia and Dane for dessert and coffee at the Lazy Dog Cafe' with their adorable pup Griffey to thank them for our date night and for all the effort they put into having the New Years Eve party at their house!
Marley whines when the sun's in her eyes so I gave her my glasses and she rocked them the whole drive! She asks for them every time we get in the car! :)

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