Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here were a few highlights of Marley's January... Disneyland, a few trips to Sea World, dance class, kisses for Marley' cousin Zoe, fun with Uncle Jordan and Aunt Juli, playing with her poppa's playhouse he made her, beach, sledding and  lots of impromtu dancing!  

Monday, January 30, 2012


When I used to hear stories about kids who would destroy the house I would think it was the product of a distracted or lazy mom. I know now... thats totally the case!! Haha! Every time I'm distracted (whether it be cleaning or on my phone for even two seconds) I can almost always bet that Ill find Marley doing something crazy. Here are just a few things I was able to catch on camera this week. 
These drab ugly blinds could use a little sprucing up... 
Half a bottle of syrup dumped out on the counter? Cleaning this one was definitely a challenge and I still find this stuff all over my house.
"Mom, everyone's doing it" My darling daughter decided to give herself tattoo's all over her body... even on the bottoms of her feet
She's still not over this "toilet paper art" phase. Between her and our new puppy that tears this stuff to shreds... I have my hands full!
Sometimes our kids arent trying to be defiant their curiosity just gets the best of them!  So here's to our crazy kiddos and all of the...excitement they bring to our lives :)

cough cough

These last few days have been rough! I've been sick and have had a few health issues and today both Marley and Bryan woke up sick as well :/. All sickness aside... its actually been kind of nice to lay low! We've just been canceling most of our plans so we can stay home and take it easy... I cooked a delish Parmesan Eggplant and Breaded chicken dinner, we watched movies all day, drank tons of tea and Emergen-C, read, listened to records and enjoyed some time together. 

For Valentines Day:

I know Valentines Day is considered as a Hallmark holiday, but any day dedicated to showing love is fine by me. Here are a few cute freebies and tutorials that I found to get your creative juices flowing. Here's to love! 
Better homes and gardens has a cute little segment on diy gifts... from sentimental record packaging to diy scratch off love notes. Find the tutorials here:
Cute soda case wrap
vintage record
Scratch off
Vday Cookies
Here is a Valentines card printable:
Happy Valentine's Day!
Download the English card + envelope HERE

Get the love-filled felt fortune cookie tutorial here:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Green Family

I was hired at little coffee shop called Farmhouse Coffee Co. by the Green family when I was 14 years old. I saw this place through a total of 5 years. I helped paint the walls, I helped decorate, I saw its growths and falls and rebirths... It was a constant during my emotional high school years. Don and Leanne were always there to welcome me with open arms and ready ears. They forgave the times I was late, they provided extra work at their house if I needed the money, and they taught me so much about business, life, and God. Now they're more than just my first bosses, they're like a family to me. Their daughter is my sisters best friend and they've been my parents neighbors and good friends for years now.  
 Today they're moving to Milawi, Africa to serve the Lord in the Miglat Ministries and although we are all so proud of them for pursuing this calling, we are all so sad to see this family go. Everyone who knows the Greens can agree that they're are the epitome of Christ's love. You can bet that even when they have nothing left to give, they will still be found giving. When they caught wind that I needed a dresser they laid their clothes in piles in order to give me theirs, the rocking chair Leanne used to rock her babies to sleep, when my dad wanted an old work truck, they gave him theirs... i could go on forever. 
On Friday night my little sister had a little going away party for the Greens daughter Annie. A group of ladies came to my  parents house to kidnap Leanne and take her to the old Farmhouse (now called Fallbrook Coffee Co.) where all her Bible study friends were waiting to say their goodbye's and pray for this amazing family. 

My husband and I on several occasions have looked to this family as a model for how we want to live our lives. We laugh when we jokingly ask each other w.w.d.a.l.d (what would don and leanne do?) Thank you for all the memories over the years, and we wish you guys all the best! 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snow Day

Saturday morning Bryan went to set up equipment at a charity event for Cancer and on his way he noticed that there was still a little snow left in our neighborhood from when they had brought it in for all the preschoolers to sled on. So we packed up the boogie board and sand toys and headed over to sled in 80 degree weather. It was the perfect little hill for marley and she would pretend that the leash on the boogie board was her seat belt and then slide down it all by herself. We heard the ice cream truck coming our way so we ran out to get a few ice creams and enjoy a little sunshine and family time. Bryan had to head over to his dj job in the evening so I took Marley to the mall to ride the little horse carousel and we shopped around and tried on funny hats and sunglasses. Love this little girl and her big personality

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beach Day

Marley and I went to Carlsbad on Wednesday to meet up with my friend Kayla. We had an amazing sushi lunch and then headed down to the beach. Marley was going crazy running around in the waves, throwing rocks and falling in the water. I dug up a few clothes that I had in my bag but all the extra diapers were in the car so while I lugged all the bags back to the car, Kayla got to hold a half naked Marley praying she didn't go potty all over her. Haha it was a perfect day. We  headed to our Young Marrieds group at our church that night and Marley's always excited that she gets to hang out with her friends in the nursery. 
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