Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snow and Zoe!!

On Sunday Bryan and I spent the evening at my parents for a pot roast dinner in order to be closer to my brother and his wife in case they had their baby. After hearing that there was no progression, they scheduled to be induced on Tuesday morning at 7. Richelle called us on Monday morning and after hearing there was still no progress, Bryan and I decided last minute to head up to Arrowhead to play in the snow and get a picture of Marley with the same Santa we did last year. Well santa wasnt there... but we walked around the village, got hot chocolate, and headed over by my old house by the golf course to find some good snow. Marley was unsure at first and Im pretty sure her snow suit made it impossible for her to move around haha but she got it after a while. It ended up being such a blast! We made our first snowman as a family, made a few snow angels, ate a ton of delicious snow and headed down to the Mission Inn to see the lights.
The Mission Inn was gorgeous! We had some dinner, showed Marley all the creepy moving elf dolls, saw a few adorable reindeer and after waiting for an hour for the horse and carriage ride, we took our exhausted baby home. 
I tried soo hard to sleep that night because at 4:30 am I was going to head down to finally hold my niece Zoe for the first time! After running out of coffee, and waking up a sleepy baby,  we stumbling out of the house half dead on two hours of sleep and headed down to Scripps Hospital in La Jolla. 
There was an awesome waiting area with toys, we brought our ipads, went to lunch, went to dinner, visited with my brother and Richelle off and on... and finally at around 5:00 I went into the room to video my amazing niece being born. 

I had nooo idea how amazing this experience would be! My sister in law Richelle was a champ, and my brother Ian was there to hold her hand, get her water and encourage, her mom Debbie held her legs up, journaled details for Zoe, took pictures, and encouraged her daughter. After about an hour or so of pushing, I witnessed the birth of Zoe James. My brother almost fainted from emotion and watching it all, Richelle was the most proud and happy mom in the world and Zoe was the most quite, adorable little thing ever. The parents did skin to skin as soon as she was born and the moment I saw my brother rocking his daughter in his arms I lost it even more than I was already losing it. God is so amazing. I am soo in awe of his amazing work, the way he orchestrates everything, the way he brings a child into the world... wow. So beautiful. I seriously want a million children.
Welcome to this world Zoe! 6 pounds 12 ounces, 19 inches. Youre perfect. Im going to spoil the heck out of you. Cant wait for Marley to meet you and give you kisses.


Fleur De Moi said...

Congrats on the new little niece! Yay for cousins for Marley!!!

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