Monday, December 5, 2011

23 Months

Marley is 23 months on the 10th! It's such a wonderful age! 
She knows all her colors, counts to ten, started learning her ABC's, is successfully starting the process of potty training, sings happy birthday, the itsy bitsy spider, Jesus loves me etc., she weighs around 25 pounds, lovvveess being outside, reading, dancing, her tap shoes, purses and her vocabulary is around a three year olds!! Love how she says: sleepy-fweepy, beautiful-prettyful, bath-bash, water- vater, wagon-vagon, blankie-keeankie. Love when she says: "Aw its ok, all better momma", "kiss", "you look cute" and of courssseeee "love you. Her favorite word: cuddle, 

Here are the challenges we're working through during this age:

Studies show that parents don't do enough talking with their children, which causes a delay in speech and language. Due to the fact that Marley is with me all the time,  I have talked with her about everything since the day she was born... asking her questions and trying to get her formulate her responses. Now she's saying full sentences and her vocabulary is ahead of her age by leaps and bounds. Because she acts so much older and understands so much of what i say, sometimes I treat her like she is older than she actually is, which can actually be detrimental at times.

Life is a series of choices, and I've always thought that its important to teach your children how to develop their own opinions and make Godly decisions. I borrow some parenting concepts from the Parenting Seminar we went to that was hosted by pastor Matt Tague before Marley was born. He believes that when children are young and cant understand the reasoning behind what they did wrong, they need a physical result from their action teach them right or wrong (a simple slap on the hand). But as children grow and are able to talk and reason, some time out's and other punishments should be used. He teaches that it's about getting to the heart of the matter, and talking through why they did what they did and working out how they can respond differently next time (there is no point in making them apologize to you if their heart is still rebellious).

This doesn't really work as perfectly for a toddler quite yet, so Ive resorted to using a key phrase like: "think about your choices" during the times when she's acting out. This is to try and get her to stop and think about what she's doing. If she doesn't listen to that phrase I put her on time out, and calmly tell her "if you make the choice to ______ , you have to go on time out. This has worked up until a few days ago when she started begging and crying for me to put her back on time out. She laughs if I try to spank her so I really have no idea what to do next!! I want to raise a daughter who knows how to be obedient and follow rules, but one who can think for herself and wont go crazy the second Im not there to tell her what to do. You can see how it would be hard to find a balance between the two. I wonder if i'm instilling too much independence at such a young age. I know she is only one, but i think its naive to think that our parenting now wont affect her forever. What we do now is what matters  the most later!

There are so many unknowns, and I dont think I will ever get used to having no idea what I'm doing! 

 Do you have a technique that works for you? Any words of wisdom? 


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