Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just Another Day

So many people make comments to me about how I live in this dream world where I'm married to the perfect man, have a perfectly behaved daughter and an endless supply of time in my day to sit around, craft, take pictures and play the piano. Haha I guess I'm doing a bang up job at highlighting all of the amazing parts of my life!! My blog is a place where I try to do little, if any complaining, so this post is not to complain, it's only to give a little insight into my reality: 

Im married to a wonderful man who is self employed, so although it looks like I have a husband around 24/7 to help me with my every whim and need... between the meetings and the phone calls and office time I get the same amount of time (if not less) with him as most wives do... minus weekends ANNND a tornado house at all hours of the day  during the week from my messy messy man. 

My daughter is beautiful and although she may look like an angel she is just like every other kid. She has her temper tantrums, she is the most stubborn person I have ever met in my entire life. Everything is a fight with my girl. haaha half of every day is spent trying to figure out what she needs when she's crying uncontrollably.

 I don't have endless amounts of time in my day, I usually get 15 minutes max of complete alone time in the morning when Marley is watching cartoons. If I try and even look at a computer screen or sit to play the piano during the day,  Marley is at my feet screaming and pulling on my leg until she has my attention. 

All of the artwork and the pictures and the time on the piano and blogging,  the trips to Disneyland, the walks... those are things that I do everything I can to fit into my life between the crayons on the cupboards, juice on the carpet, the piles of laundry, time outs, potty training both a dog and a one year old, the cooking, cleaning, clients and dealing with day to day conflicts. 

My life is imperfect, its without structure... which is how I like it, but it also means chaos  and disorder a lot of the times. In bringing Marley into the world I quickly realized how fast time flies. I decided I didn't want to waste any time dwelling on the inevitable hard things in life. So just because I don't choose to spend my time complaining all of the time doesn't mean I never have hardship, it just means that my personal choice is to live life to its fullest... and live thankful for just another day.

Philippians 4:8 

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

double wammy

 Watching the man of your dreams loving on your baby is pretty much a double wammy straight to the heart. I just wanted to try and capture a little piece of the dynamic between these two so that I could hold on to these little every day memories forever. Between this blog, her leather bound journal that Bryan and I write in, and all of these pictures I take on a day to day basis I hope she is able to look back someday and see a small glimpse of our amazing love for her.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lit Up

All of the tree's in my backyard and all around the lake have turned the most amazing colors! I cant believe how lit up the world seems between all of the Christmas lights and golden leaves! We feel a little left out because pretty much everyone on our street has their houses all decked out for christmas already! So thats on the list for this upcoming week. I started making a few Christmas decorations...
and took Marley to a few different places to get an idea for the kinds of things she wants for Christmas this year. Looks like a horse stable and some animals will do the trick this year!

Friday, November 25, 2011


I came across this song that I wrote about 6 years ago. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory about what was going on in my life during that time haha. It's  crazy to be reminded of the places that God has taken me in order to bring me to the place that I am. I am so thankful for the circumstances and people he put in my life to show me my worth.  Lessons about the kinds of people you give a piece of your heart to are definitely hard ones to learn... but aren't the hardest lessons always the ones that reap the best return?
The Lord works in mysterious ways! :) 

Black Friday!

Bryan and I weren't going to do Black Friday again this year, but we thought it would be fun to take my little sister Ally on her first Black Friday experience! So we went to the mall with coffee and monsters in hand, put on our game faces and got busy. 
Lets just say we made one little teenager very VERY happy. :) It was a fun night overall, I got a few things for Marley at Gap Kids and after waiting in line for 2 hours in a 150 degree Hollister for Allys little jeans she wanted, we decided to order them online and pay the shipping difference haha. 
Ally stayed the night, we woke up around 11, I made some Brie pasta and we hung out in our pajamas and watched TV all day! 
We broke out our She&Him Christmas album and I started to sketch Rudolpho :) Getting into the Christmas spirit over here!! 

Our 2011 Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we started the day off right... with devotions, prayer, coffee and thankful, THANKFUL hearts. Then we made some French Toast, Hash browns, Eggs, Bacon and got ready to head over to my family's house for our annual Thanksgiving dinner. 
It was SUCH  a beautiful day in Fallbrook and we played a little croquet on the lawn, Marley played with her cousin Mya and we finished up making all of the delicious dishes for our feast! 

Hope you all had a fantastic safe thanksgiving! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Blog World! Be safe, eat a lot, and soak up all of the things that you're thankful for this holiday! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

...According to Instagram...

Yesterday night we had sushi with our good friends at Shogun and today my Hubby and I had a slow morning, walked around the mall, got coffee at Ryans Bros and started making a few things for thanksgiving at my moms house tomorrow. Here are a few pictures of the last few days:
 Kindles and Curious George after a long day 

 Drawing with coffee on my balcony with this pretty view of fall on this gorgeous day... I am so blessed
 Ryans Bros makes a legit cup of coffee the old fashioned way...  and right in front of you! 
Late night walk to get coffee is getting colder and colder!! haha. 

Monday, November 21, 2011


All of these changes are going on all around me. Marley changes daily, my life and the things I am learning about myself, my body, my personality, my relationships... the world is in a constant state of evolution. The other day I  had to run to Target with Marley to get a few things and she started wiggling and screaming and wanting down and Im trying to entertain her and get her to stay sitting down while trying to feed her snacks so her blood sugar doesn't drop (she's hypoglycemic) and she really needs her diaper changed because people are starting to wince when they walk by us and she thinks its a game to drop all of her toys one at a time from her purse to watch me pick them up and then my cart gets stuck on a rack and pulls the entire thing down (story of my life) so im trying to pick up the clothes and now she starts screaming and kicking and she cant hold her head up and I realize I really need to get more food into her system but she dumped out all of her snacks a few aisles back so Im running to the food counter to get something to shove in her mouth... 

and then.... 

we're in the shoe aisle... sitting on the floor in a beautiful calm silence. Sitting with pink glitter shoes watching the sparkles prism in the light... These moments of "still", when Marley and I just sit and look at the detail in a leaf, or cuddle in bed and listen to the rain outside while I play with her hair, or when we lay on the kitchen floor and look up at the lights after a busy day... these are the moments of less movement, less doing, less rushing  and more stillness, more contemplation, more peace...
Often times I'm not in control of the way that my 20 minute trips to the store turn into 5 hour trips, or the way that Marley grows right before my eyes... and even though everything seems to be moving and changing so fast around me... The moments of calm and peace always come at the perfect times to bring balance, depth and meaning to it all. I always remind myself that "life is what you make it, and a whole bunch of other stuff too". Seeing the blessings in the little things and slowing down to notice the amazing details in the world around us keep us from going crazy and mistaking an elementary watercolor for a Michelangelo. Our lives are woven by a creative genius and I'm so thankful that he makes them both beautifully complex and exquisitely simple. What would one be without the other? So today Im thankful for the ways that the scatter brained moments, hectic schedules, and chaotic days bring significance to the moments of peace... when the whole world seems to be motionless and standing... "still". 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Civil Wars and Gobble Day

My friend Kayla and I went to see The Civil Wars and Milo Greene in Los Angeles at the Beautiful Historical Wiltern Theatre last night. Milo Greene was actually realllly good, and it was their first time on tour! I'm excited I found a new group that I like. The Civil Wars... were just... wow.  John Paul White and Joy Williams work their voices together and separately to create the most amazing sound. The combination of their completely different tones somehow just...works. You don't feel cheapened by a dime a dozen lyrics but the depth of their songs dont leave you wanting to slit your wrists. Bravo.  

This southern man... he is just... something else. 

Our glowing eyes tell it all! 

Today we had a thanksgiving lunch with Bryans side of the family at his moms house in Carlsbad. All of the little ones made a gingerbread house together... it was adorable to watch... and messy haha. 

Bryan and I bought tickets to see The Head and the Heart on November 30th at the Balboa Theatre in San Diego... we're on a roll! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

HUGE dollhouse.

I think it would be a fun creative family project to make our own huge dollhouse like this one by liliane

Either one of these would be awesome. I think we might just have to do it! 

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