Thursday, October 20, 2011

We've been BOO-ed!!

A ring of the doorbell, running footsteps, and no one to be seen... except for this. We've been BOO-ed!! haha...I love this. I was given a pumpkin full of candy, a sign to post on my door that says "Ive been BOO-ed" and now we have to make two new baskets of treats and two new copies of the sign to deliver to any neighbor who doesnt already have a sign up. Such a cute idea!
Our cute community during Fall! Can't wait for the trees around the whole lake to turn :) 
Look at this silly girl...  she really wants this corn or as she calls it (corno)
Sweater: Gap Kids 
Skirt H&M Kids
Boots: Target


Pacific Entertainment said...

I do not think words cannot express how awesome this post is! Our daughter is amazing!

Mushrooms from Toadstools said...

Cute!! I can't till Halloween to trick -or- treat with Marz and Zoe ( she is going as a baby in the womb, possibly in a Knocked up Cheerleader Mother with her football player Father, we will see if the outfit fits)and then give candy to all the little kids!! I will bring a bag of candy to pass out! xoxo

Amber Thrane said...

Thanks babe!! She is pretty amazing. haha. Richelle that costume idea is perfect! Cant wait!

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