Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Operation Playhouse Makeover


We have an unused little area tucked away on the side of our house that was just filled with rocks. We got this playhouse on Craigslist for 20 dollars and decided we might as well put this area to good use! Instead of trying to remove all the rocks, we pushed them to the side and held them with stones and added mulch to the center of the pathway. Because the paint on the walls of the house were in pretty good shape, we left them the tan color that it came as. We had to prime the door, shutters. and roof with a plastic spray paint primer and wait an hour. Then we sprayed the door and shutters with one can of red paint and the roof took 3 cans of multi-textured charcoal Rustoleum spray paint (kind for plastic). We painted an old planter red and got a plant to go in it (of course we need a watering can so Marley can help momma water it everyday). By the time we had finished the house it was dark out and we had one eager little girl to play in her house. So dadda ran his dj light out there, and Marley got her tea set and we spent a wonderful evening playing in our new little house :)
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