Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Las Vegas

We stayed at the Wynn in Las Vegas for a few days and although I wasn't quite sure how bringing a toddler to sin city would go, it actually went really well! Of course we don't do Vegas like most, but we had so much fun watching the circus acts at Circus Circus, letting marley play all of the arcade games, perusing gorgeous interior design and architecture, shopping the 3 story h&m and forever 21 {beautifully overwhelming} and enjoying good food and good company. Of all the hundreds of times we've been to Vegas we've never been to the Hoover Dam. So on our last day we made the drive out there. It really is a beautiful, architecturally mind boggling thing. I'm really glad we finally saw it! Vegas is fun for a few days, but man home sounds soo good. The remainder of the week my husband has dj jobs all over the place so Im hoping the absence of his distracting charm and spontaneity will leave me with plenty of time to tackle the "to-do" list I've been procrastinating on for a month now. 1st on my list: pressure wash the house... thats not too ambitious right??

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Pacific Entertainment said...

Your artful composition of words and pictures never cease to amaze me. Your thoughts and ideas drive me even more madly in love with you.

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