Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Today a few friends all met up at Starbucks with our little ones and it was such a blast! There are total perks to being a young mom, but there are also downsides too. One downside is that a lot of my friends aren't even married let alone poppin out kids yet... so when my sister in law invited me to come along to talk with her mommy friends it was so refreshing. I love sharing stories, concerns and ideas with people who are on the same page I am! 
 Pumpkin Spice Keurig cups... heaven. 
 My hubby surprised me with a poloroid camera! 
When Marley gets bored with her toys  at home I take her to the toy section of Target, Tj Maxx, or Toys R Us to play. I camp out and drink my coffee while she destroys someone elses place :) SOOO worth the stares of hatred from the employees. If she's lucky we go home with the toy she plays with the most. Operation Occupy Marley.
 On our way to a baby shower for my friend Ashley who gave birth to a gorgeous premature baby. Tons of prayers later, he is home and healthy 
Marley has a habit of trying to steal whatever toys she can from the mom who's opening her presents during the baby shower... so instead of torturing her with "no marley, thats not for you" I took her outside and we found this awesome pirate ship tucked away in the host houses property. Boy did she have fun! 
 My house is starting to look a lot like fall!  
 My hubby and I take Marley on walks in her wagon or on our bikes to Starbucks and Trader Joes at least once a week. We have our little routine... Marley gets her little steamer and the amazing Starbucks staff (of course they know her by name now) usually give her some kind of little treat while she hams it up and chats with them. We all walk to Trader Joes and get Mochi and other fun snacks. 
 This is what an 11:00 pm moment of weekness looks like thanks to my husband. He loves to kill me slowly
Chalkboard drawing while listening to Mumford on the record player... a weekly must. 

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Mushrooms from Toadstools said...

Love you Ambs...I am so blessed to be having a baby girl and bringing her into a family with a loving Auntie and Cousin eagerly awaiting her arrival!! xoxo

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