Friday, October 28, 2011

... catch up...

 This is the way we do church these days.
 Big girl eating her cereal
 Hate when he goes.
 She lovvveeeddd the cow.
 Started decorating Marleys playroom
We're getting a little black futon from my sister in law, a wooden kitchen, and easel from Marleys Grandma for her birthday so its waiting for all of that but its a start!  The other wall that you cant see has a craft table and her art hanging on the walls. 
My girl playing in our front yard. 

mmm dadda brought strawberry mochi
Babysitting Marleys cousin Mya
 Making cookies for my brother's "pre-season" baby shower
 New shelves, record player table and rug

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The start of making home feel like home

Ive been loving this industrial, worn look lately! My house is almost there but i still have a few things to change and add. I started the process today!  Here's what I got so far:

 This chunky rug but it has Gray woven in
I already have this as my sewing desk from ikea, but I love it so much that Im getting another one to use as my record table. Best part? I can find an old piece of wood to set on top of these cool saw horse legs to switch things up a bit!
I have the shorter version of these ladder shelves in white that im going to use as side tables in my bedroom. This gray will match the legs of the table Im making above.

Now i just need cool old wall Prints to fill my frames on my wall and I should be good! If you see any cool ones on etsy etc send them my way!

Next is Marleys playroom..... :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I like this

 Look what came in the mail from Urban Outfitters yesterday! Yesssss... Now it just needs to get cold! 
This ring from Vamp is cute.
Love this from Shanna Murray's shop
Go look at Goldenink.... 

Friday, October 21, 2011

For Baby: Mint and Pink

Ive been loving the combination of these colors lately!

Such a good day

So today my friend had her first day in a reallllyyy long time off of both work and school so we decided to do all of the fun things she’s been wanting to do in one day. Its started with the AMAZING Yellow Deli. We caught it right before closing time and im so glad we did. This place has its own little “utopian, religious, hippie” community that grows its own crops, makes its own fresh bread everyday etc. They built this incredible Deli and the craftsmanship is just breathtaking. Marley was walking around saying "hey, check it out". Here is their website so you can find out more about it and look at pictures of this diamond in the rough. Yellow Deli
This puddle is my daughters pee... yeah woops... we left a little of us with the Yellow Deli...
After we ate, we headed for the feed store to let marley pet the animals... and she was in heaven!
Then it was off to the beautiful Guajome Park to let Marley run around and play.
My musical genius child!!! She's definitely a Cote/Founds! She saw these bells, went and got a stick and was entertained by these bells for 15 minutes!
Holy Moly. I LOVE this picture
That smile!
We wore Marley out with running, playgrounds and walking trails... so we took this little girl on a relaxing drive to the beach!
We got Starbucks and landed at Carlsbad Beach to stick our toes in the sand
Wellllll.... Marley isnt too much of a fan of the sand.... haha.
My little jumping beans
There are no words to describe my love for my friend Kayla. She has been there during the best and worst times in my life. She's the kind of genuine person that makes you feel like a better person by just being in the same room with her. I am so thankful that we got to share this amazing day together!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We've been BOO-ed!!

A ring of the doorbell, running footsteps, and no one to be seen... except for this. We've been BOO-ed!! haha...I love this. I was given a pumpkin full of candy, a sign to post on my door that says "Ive been BOO-ed" and now we have to make two new baskets of treats and two new copies of the sign to deliver to any neighbor who doesnt already have a sign up. Such a cute idea!
Our cute community during Fall! Can't wait for the trees around the whole lake to turn :) 
Look at this silly girl...  she really wants this corn or as she calls it (corno)
Sweater: Gap Kids 
Skirt H&M Kids
Boots: Target
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