Friday, September 30, 2011

Lake Arrowhead

We were feeling a little overwhelmed after being sickies for weeks on end... so we figured we needed a little fun, and some fresh mountain air. We booked a midweek trip at the Lake Arrowhead Resort, and mannn was it nice! I grew up in Lake Arrowhead, so it has always been the place that i feel the most "at home". Bryan was trying to convince me to move up there for a year to slow down our minds and have some time away to rethink life. I'm not completely sold on the idea, but i do feel like in all of the hustle and bustle sometimes we forget what truly matters. I am reminded every time that I start getting  sucked in to trying to fit myself in to the world, that i am such a stranger*. 
I feel it all the time really... You know... That feeling that you got in Jr. High when you're trying your best to fit in but you know you just don't? There is a story about an eagle who was raised by chickens. One day he sees an eagle flying above her and her heart stirs. "I can do that!" she whispers. The other chickens laugh, but she knows better. She was born different. Born with belief. I was too. My world suspends beyond the barnyard of time. I was born for something more than just shopping and shallow conversation. I don't want live for what's temporary. I know i don't have to live in Lake Arrowhead to make my life matter, but I think God used the beauty of his creation in Arrowhead to show me how much i miss him, how much i need him, and how much i want more than anything to live for him.

*Im not inferring by "stranger" that I'm an alien... but i might be...

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