Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Potty Training

It's about that time to start the wonderful process of potty training!

There is an exhaustive amount of literature on the subject of potty training... it doesn't seem that hard?? I liked Baby Center's potty training articles because it seemed the least strict of everything I've read. Do parents not have patience?? There are all of these articles about how to potty train your child in a week, some people actually pay ladies to come potty train their kids,  children have been killed because of parents rage during potty training. HOLY MOLY! why??!! I'm a little nervous but I'm also not in some terribly big rush. I know I'm just starting this process, but here are my two cents.

*Understand that its a process

*There WILL be accidents, don't ever get upset at them for it... it's not their fault

*Don't pressure your child to sit on the toilet for five hours until he has to go to the bathroom,  they will just learn to hate the toilet

*Make it fun!

*Be an example "how fun is this Marley? Watch mommy going potty! Want to flush the toilet??"

*Provide books for them to read [ Everyone Poops, by Taro Gomi, is a perennial favorite, as well as Uh Oh! Gotta Go! and Once Upon a Potty, ]

 These are my favorite potties, but i cant choose which one i should get!
 Boon makes a simple little potty bench with a side tray for toilet paper. Customers said their kids loved this toilet because of the "secret" side compartments for their books and toys, its the perfect height and kids actually beg to use it!
Prince Lionhart developed a potty that is all the rage with parents, i swear i can't find a bad review on this potty!

This Hoppop doughnut potty is rated well by consumers because its easy for children to sit on, comfortable, and its wide stance prevents it from toppling over.

Which of these three should i get?? Here goes!! 

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