Sunday, June 19, 2011

HELLLO again.

Ahh its been so long since ive blogged! I thought i would at least come on and speed update all my millions of followers. As you can see, Bryan and I have put on a few more pounds but hey... whats another 20 right? 

Ok not really... but we have been in our house for almost a month now and we are LOVING it! I think we have had people over every single day we have been here and i have loved cooking in my new ginormous kitchen. 

My dad agreed to make the entertainment center out of plummers pipe that i wrote about wanting to make a few posts back. After a long day of brainstorming, staining and spray painting... here is the end result! Bryan got a new 55" to fit perfectly in there and with a few decorations (my new globe, a few clocks etc) i would say it's a perfect job well done. 

I'll post more updates once i get all these boxes sorted out and start envisioning all the little beautiful details :)

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