Monday, May 9, 2011

whats for dinner?

This is the beautiful steak i made tonight for dinner... i tried pan frying it and it turned out amazing! Here are the directions below:

ONE Pour olive oil into a sauce pan. Use a paper towel to coat the entire inside of the pan with oil. Heat Skillet up to medium-high.
TWO The pan is ready when you can throw a little piece of fat in and the fat starts sizzling right away. For medium rare 1-1/2"- thick steaks, cook six minutes on one side, then flip the steak and cook 6 minutes on the other side.
THREE The meat should be nicely browned on both sides by now. Double check doneness by thermometer, touch, or cutting, to make sure it's done the way you want it
Here is the full page link for more info: succulent pan fried steak. Instead of making his sauce to go over the top, i topped the steak with blue cheese and bacon( a trick from good ol Emeril if i remember correctly), accompanied by french bread, salad and this pototoes au gratin recipe: creamy au gratin potatoes. Enjoy!!  

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