Saturday, April 23, 2011


a·muse·ment  [uh-myooz-muhnt]

1. anything that amuses;  pastime; entertainment.
2. the act of amusing.
3. the state of being amused;  enjoyment.

So i guess this broad word classifies anything that causes me enjoyment-  as amusement.
maybe im behind on the times, but "dear blank  please blank" is a pretty funny site to waste some time at! 

CHOOSE YOUR SIZE - Glass Cluster Ring
glass rings? pretty and dangerous.
etsy store:urban revisions
my obsession with sam edelman shoes is sad- because i will never be able to afford them. 
i LOVE the shattered polish... just like everyone else- its impossible to find!
love this for so many reasons!
 I wouldnt mind having all of these little girls in this photo :) 
Photo by Franne Voigt 

Nobody Likes A Show-Off by Aled Lewis
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