Friday, March 25, 2011

rants and raves

You know those days when no matter how hard you try you cant seem to knock the negative disposition?

Today was one of those days... It started when i looked in the mirror and thought "wow, you're looking more and more like a cross dresser everyday" then i proceeded to tear apart every aspect of my physical appearance.  And so went my day-  thoughts of the terrible mom, wife and person that i am flooding my head. Then i finally realized how pathetic i was. I kind of LOVE it when that happens. Those moments when you realize that your very worst and longest list of complaints look exactly like a list of blessings. 

 I hate my body= i have a healthy working body, I feel like a terrible mom= thank God im a mom, I never get to see my husband anymore= at least i have a husband that i WANT to spend time with, i wish i had my own home= at least i have a home... and so it goes. 

I challenge you to try it... its a bitter sweet experience :) 

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