Thursday, March 10, 2011

dream a little dream

Its crazy how something so good can be so bad. Im not just talking about money and french fries, im talking about dreams. They are terribly wonderful little things. So rare to find, but impossible to get rid of. Once they wrap their fingers around you they NEVER let go.  Im in a love hate relationship with mine right now because they're playing a mean game of keep away. Sooo close and so attainable but JUST out reach. Its not like i want to be Oprah, i just want to create something amazing from the ground up that im incredibly passionate about. Being a business owner isnt something that is a natural tendency for my personality, but its something i think ive always "dreamt" of proving to myself. Whether thats selfishness or un-Godly, i really dont know... and i question that all the time. I guess exploring the answer to that will distract me for a while...genius.

So here's to you, chugging along on the way to your dream. There WILL be forks  in the road, but dont get discouraged, youre not alone. Remember this:

dream quotes photography

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