Sunday, February 6, 2011

things im liking

my search for cute luggage continues!!

Vintage antique footstool pincushion
this pincushion

Boot Cuffs in cremini
these boot cuffs   



Kayla Alonso said...

I'm in love with old luggage. Every time I got thrift store shopping they catch my eye! Have you seen the room full of luggage in the Temecula Salvation Army? It is in the furniture side of the store way way in the back. Also, world market has the CUTEST knobs like the one in the picture. I want to replace every knob in my room but I am too poor for that. They are not cheap!

AmberThrane said...

i know i look in the sale section at anthropologie for knobs.. they are like 2-5 bucks a knob... and yes ive been to the luggage room at salvation army but can never find the right era/ kind that im looking for!! ill have to check out world market i havent been in there in forever!

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