Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a song i wrote

devant vos yeux from amber thrane on Vimeo.

 i mostly improvise when i play the piano... which makes it hard to remember what i write... so i started recording what i play. Here is a song that i made up on the fly called devant vos yeux (open your eyes)... its pretty rough still and im sure ill change it a billion times but here it is so far.  Im still working on "Marley's Lullaby" but once im done ill post it to see what you think! :)


Kayla Alonso said...

amber!! Post every song you every play on here! I miss your music.

AmberThrane said...

at least i know that if i send a blog out into the world, at least one person reads it :) i will gladly post my songs for you to hear!

Kayla Alonso said...

I think I'm going to change my blog name to "letters to amber" haha that's pretty much the only purpose for this thing.. to stay in touch with your life!

AmberThrane said...

i know diddo. haha i love it.

Jules said...

hey you can make that two!!! I check this thing all the time, well at least once a week! This song is beautiful ambs.... i wanna make a playlist of all your songs for when i am cooking or cleaning, it puts me in a quiet calm trance!!! haha Love you sis

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