Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marley Bug

I cant believe it has been a year since i saw my marley bug for the first time. The first time i held her I was just literally amazed. Amazed that God made her from me, amazed she could be so perfect, amazed at how many emotions i could feel in just a few seconds... and the memory is always accompanied by tears. It feels like worlds away but at the same time it feels like she has always been a part of the family... did i somehow live without her? If anything has affirmed how much God loves me and how much i love him it has been the birth and life of Marley. Watching her grow, and experience the world for the first time is like witnessing a miracle. Because of her i see the world with new eyes... my life has become little moments that i take my time to cherish and enjoy.

Marley, because of you i am able to love the small things... here are some ordinary and extraordinary moments that i hope to never forget:

When you lay her head on my chest... which is only when youre
already asleep, or in the shower... i can imagine the water bill shows for how much i relish those moments.

When you laugh at me for accidentally falling or hitting my head and i realize how funny you are even so young

when you fall asleep in my lap while i tickle your head

When i first see you in the morning, your little eyes peeking over her crib and a huge smile on your face

It makes me so happy when you get so excited to see me after ive been gone!

When you and dad dance or put on "shows" for me

When tink and you play with eachother

I love to see the similarities you have to both your daddy and i

watching your brain work when you see new things and meet new people

i walk in and you have completely destroyed everything that i just cleaned... and somehow im still not mad. you teach me patience and i realize everyday that i have more of it than i ever thought i would :)

i would do anything to hear you laugh.

seeing your innocence is so amazing

you have everyone hanging on your every action... a gurgle from you as a baby was the most amazing thing... you have a way of captivating people.

I am so thankful for everyday with you. Everyday that we are able to spend as a family, exploring and doing so many fun things... because i know that its not everyday that you have a family who loves like ours. You have a mom and a dad that are so head over heels for eachother and have such an amazing relationship with God, eachother and you. We are able to spend so much time together loving you... and i am above all thankful for that.

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"The Happy Eclectic" said...

Marley Grace, you have touched our lives, changed our lives,and made this world a better place. You are a example of Gods love! I love you with all my heart and I couldn't imagine life without you! xoxo Auntie Shell

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