Saturday, January 22, 2011

wedge house by modern playhouse
furniture for your modern play house

I used to love playing in cardboard box houses... pretending like i was the boxcar children... and i think its because it was just a clean slate that i could make into whatever i wanted... well i think this simplistic wooden playhouse looks like it over the same clean slate. It would be fun to personalise with cute curtains your kids can pick out and fun things to hang on the wall. Home sweet home!

   deluxe art table for kids

Call me a dreamer, but someday i want an art room. I plan to tear out all the carpet and as a family go to town painting pictures on the floors and walls (makes for an indestructable room). Ill have my sewing stuff and the kids will have cute art tables and easles! someday... along with my library (overstuffed couches and ceiling to floor books)... music room... etc haha.

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"The Happy Eclectic" said...

Well we want a library/office. music room. giant closet the size of a extra bedroom. craft room. wash room. master bedroom. and rooms for lots of kids. and a guest room......Let's hope we will the lottery soon! LOVE the play house, I say Marz needs one for her 2nd B-day!! Lets make one :)

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