Thursday, January 20, 2011

diy baby pacifier clips

These Pacifier clips keep your litte ones pacifiers from getting lost when they decide to spit them out... they make for a cute handmade baby shower gift also!
You'll need ribbon, suspender clips (available at fabric stores), fray check (optional) and velcro.

1. Cut a 24" length of ribbon. (This ribbon is 7/8" wide.)

2. Apply Fray Check to each end to prevent unraveling.

3. Fold the ribbon in half, leaving a little extra at one end to fold over the other unfinished end to hide it.

4. Stitch around the edges of the doubled ribbon , trying desperately not to run off the edge. Squeaking "Eeek!" helps a little when you get close. Just a tip.

5. Sew velcro pieces onto the folded end about 2" apart.

6. Thread the opposite end through a suspender clip and sew it down.
found on how about orange
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