Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today we went to bates nut farms with the family. It was fun and we got some cute pictures of marley in her halloween costume (which still needs a lot of taking in and finishing). she was such a good girl and she looked so cute. love this little pumpkin head! 

for the sake of remembering: 
 Marley is 9 months and 2 days old and  her personality gets better everyday. she is  a perfect mix of bryan and i....stubborn and knows what she wants, which she gets from me, but naturally happy and easy going, which she gets from bryan.  she crawls and says little words here and there (dog, dada, and momma sometimes). one tooth is popping out and the others i hope will follow soon. marley plays these little games with tinkerbell her dog,...crawls over and steals her toys and throws them for her, their interactions are so cute to watch. i know change is inevitable in life,  which saddens me sometimes when i think about her changing any more, but i know i will never lose the feelings i feel when i look at her. i am so proud and excited for whats next :)

                                                           falling leaves 
                                                           hide the path
                                                           so quietly
                                                          ~John Bailey

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