Wednesday, October 20, 2010

for your child... and you!

genius! i love this little mini dyson vacuum with spinning beads! It gently suctions up teeny pieces of debris, and kids can even empty the collection container, just like you do. :) I have to wait a little while for Marley to use this.., but i love it!

The struggle against clutter and gadget accumulation is an uphill battle when it comes to kids. Now those of you dwelling with baby in small spaces can breathe easier. The Puj infant sink tub is made from a soft plastic that can be manipulated to fit into any sink.

 it's a not a must have, but kind of a cute idea: the baby-measuring sheet. It may be the most practical way of discerning your baby's growth...

i love this baby gate... this walnut-and-brushed-metal Numi is undeniably sophisticated and  attractive.

This is the Taga.Im not sure how i feel about the baby being in front... but its cool looking and would be worth a test drive if you ask me!!
Designed by Petunia Pickle Bottom, this contemporary bag features all the conveniences that parents-on-the-go want: storage, storage, storage, as well as durability, and ease of cleaning. Great for moms or dads, details like the double stitched edges and custom antique brass hardware, make this bag a slam dunk. Available in heathered grey, olive, or black.
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