Monday, October 18, 2010

easy diy's!

What you will need:
*8 x 10 wood panel
*different wood veneers, like maple, pine, cherry or oak
(if you don't have any veneer quickly available, maybe you can ask the local timbershop for some left-overs)
*white glue and brush
*scissors and pencil
*sand paper no. 250
step one:
..firstly decide what image you want to create – I decided on a tree with a bird
..take the wood veneer and draw out your shapes – or you can just start cutting. 
*keep in mind the wood veneer cuts very well – but you need to be aware of the wood grain – it can break off easily – not to worry you can attach them together when you glue it down
step two:
..once you cut out your shapes start gluing – put glue on the wood panel in the spot you want the shape to be – then put glue on top of the cut out shape.  You need to be very generous with the glue – if you don’t put enough glue it will curl as it dries.
step three:
..keep doing step one and two till you get the desired effect and once your image is done brush the white glue over the entire surface and let it stand to dry

What you will need:
*1- board (cardboard, masonite, plywood) 8 x 10 in.
*note* –a lot of glue makes the cardboard pucker and bend
*variety of fabric scraps – heavy and light weight fabrics – patterned fabric
*white glue + old brush for glue
*yarn, rope, chord and scissors
This project is a great way to use fabric scraps without any sewing
step one:
..if you like – before you begin you can make a few drawings your image can be a landscape, an animal, a person or something abstract.
step two:
..cut out your fabrics and lay them out and arrange them the way you want...I think frayed edges are nice so don’t worry about making nice clean edges.
step three:
..glue down your fabric collage – putting glue on top of the fabric helps to keep the fabric flat.
as a final can use the yarn or rope to create outlines around your shapes or as nice linear elements.

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