Friday, September 17, 2010

I got a cute ring from san fran, made from an antique fork bent around a turquoise stone. I love it. Here are some others i've had my eyes on...

rings (clockwise from top left), rettore at barneys, zulasurfing at etsynektar de stagni at marissa collection, zulasurfing at artfire
Lovin the fools gold rings! here is a diy fools gold cuff bracelet:

  • wire cuff (mine is from an antique store)
  • 15-20 pcs (1/2″-1″)  pyrite
  • aleenes jewel-it glue (the best)
  • a few toothpicks, and paper plates for glue
begin by placing 1-3 rocks, starting with your larger (and favorite) stones in the center, working towards smaller at the ends.  arrange to fit like a puzzle.  glue the back and sides, and allow to dry overnight.  repeat.  i leaned mine against a basket to dry, standing up.  mine took about 5 nights total, with a few stones placed each night.
images via veridiaum jewelry
images via ken + dana design

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