Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One mans trash, his treasure also!

A majority of our days are spent seeing and using the same old things, and we never really take the time to look at them in a different way. I hope these ideas will help you to start seeing the usual in unusual ways. Remember, just because something has finished its purpose as one thing doesn't mean its trash, use your creativity to dream up another use for it. Ordinary things often times make the most unusual, beautiful art pieces. One mans trash can be his treasure also... try it!! 

Have any extra fabric laying around? Real Simple shares how to stretch fabric the way you would a canvas.

This table is a cool way to re-use an old plank of wood 

Have any old sweaters laying around? This little trick works for chair cushions or even pillows! Heres the how to: 
  1. Cut the sweater in two so that you have the front and back, trimming off the neck and arms.
  2. Flip over the chair and unscrew the cushion from the base
  3. Tack or use a staple gun to pull the sweater taut over the chair cushion.
  4. Snip off any extra fabric, and screw the cover back on.
Oh--and check out the centerpiece! An easy way to make an eye catching display by reusing old bottles.

All you need for a DIY hammock is a regular-size blanket and — in most situations — about 24 feet of rope... Enjoy!  check out a diagram of the method over here

As a mom, i am constantly using baby food jars. I thought this would be a cute way to put them to good use! The chubby pots make for great containers for all manner of items - craft and sewing supplies, spices, spare change. Spraypaint the lids with primer and paint and voila - a handsome set of matching jars 

Light of my life

I know my husband and i have switched to CFL light bulbs for the most part,  but we have a few incandescent ones left. These are a few ways to re-use our old ones! 

Turn old milk crates and salvaged boxes into a coffee table!

Craft Stylish has a DIY on how to crochet a rug from old t-shirts! Heres to all my crafty girls!! Tutorial Here 

Hope you all enjoy the fun ways you can make your old stuff into something new and spectacular! 
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